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Default And now for something a little different, a diesel Wheel Horse

Being I like everything I own possible to be diesel powered, I decided to repower my old Wheel Horse garden tractor with an air cooled diesel. While they do offer factory diesel garden tractors thru the years, they are all larger models, much to large for our small yard and needs. The original engine was a 8hp Kohler gas engine. New engine is a 6.6hp Yanmar air cooled, direct injected diesel with intake heater(like a Dodge/Cummins). The diesel makes more torque than the gasser it replaced and uses much less fuel. The engine is a military surplus engine that can still be found on ebay. Along with the engine I got a tapered shaft to 1" keyed shaft adapter, a 12vt electric starter and flywheel ring and stator winding charging kit so the engine would recharge the battery. I can also recoil start the engine if the battery is low/dead. I have mowed grass with weeds as tall as the top of the hood with little to no exhaust smoke. Only time she "rolled coal" was when I high centered myself on a dirt mount hidden in the weeds and the blades dug into the dirt. The tractor is also custom decaled for Autism Awareness. Cheers Mike the Aspie.

Here she is after new custom decals but before the diesel was installed

This is in the middle of the engine install(did it in one day!)

Engine installed and drivable and able to mow, has temp muffler set up but its a bit restrictive

Here she is with the diesel installed, custom muffler set up once I found one I liked at a swap meet

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