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Originally Posted by DmaxMaverick View Post
No, not an issue, or anything unusual. The car came with 2 year, dealer provided, no-charge scheduled maintenance warranty.
Ok, it just aroused my curiosity when service was mentioned in the discussion to sell a vehicle only a few years old - particularly as the first item mentioned. The first impression is that it must have been in the shop pretty frequently to have been mentioned.

Right about now, I could do with ďboringĒ a bit more. Iíve been doing quite a bit of work on the K2500 lately. I was rear-ended a couple years ago and I have a strong feeling that contributed to the broken rear spring pack even though it didnít show up until later. A bad rear axle seal lead to new seals, bearings, and brake shoes (due to the oil leakage). While I was back there, I replaced the parking brake cables as they werenít working well (a couple off-road snags didnít help them). Replacing the front brake hoses led to replacing all the brake lines. And now Iím welding in a patch panel for the driverís side of the radiator support. I looked at what all had to be removed to replace the whole panel and decided that patching was the better option, but Iím not so sure nowÖ

Then again, it's closing in on 200K miles after twenty-three years and at least one previous owner of questionable maintenance skills, so I canít exactly complain about its service.
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