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Arrow Wanted: 6.5L Standard Crankshaft

I'm looking for a really nice used "standard" (not previously ground) 6.5L crankshaft. All journals should polish easily, and the crankshaft put back into service without additional effort.

Will require close-up photos of all journals - both sides - 18 photos in total. No rust, no dings and no chips. I'm replacing an original crankshaft because a rod journal had been chipped (by the previous owner) while dismantling the engine for a rebuild. Sadly, a perfectly pristine crankshaft otherwise...

The replacement crankshaft I'm looking for will be used for TDP's current 1994 6.5L Diesel Blazer project. This is the very same Blazer I sold 17 years ago, but re-acquired a while back with a partially rebuilt engine. The previous owner had damaged the original 180K mile engine with excessive EGTs. So.... New pistons/rings, honed cylinders, re-manufactured OE cylinder heads (original heads were ruined by the high EGTs), and all new bearings and gaskets will eventually be installed - along with the replacement crankshaft I'm hoping one of you can help me locate. The previous owner's rebuild project apparently stalled because of the damage to the original crankshaft.

Please help if you can. I need to get this project further along. Future plans call for turbocharger/performance experiments (w/Holset), custom bolt-in turbo adapters and possibly/maybe a full conversion to mechanical fuel injection if there's enough interest - all fully documented and reported here in The Diesel Page.

Members can read more about this project at:
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