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Default Help! Classic bad injector symptoms, dealer wants to replace pump 1st (135,000 miles)

Truck is a 2002, totally stock, all original. Daily Driver, pull a 5K lb boat a few times/yr.
No symptoms until yesterday.
Then truck started idling rough at stoplights. Oil pressure dropped to about 20. Drove 10 mi home, got out and looked under the truck and a stream (like pee) of oil/diesel fuel was coming out the back of the engine near the top of the oil pan area.
Checked the oil and none was touching the stick.
After reading many threads last night I was certain is was the injectors (never been replaced). The dealer "thinks" it's the injector pump, which isn't under warranty. I think they should replace the injectors (under warranty) 1st to see if that fixes it, then if it doesn't replace the pump.

What are the difference in symptoms between a pump and the injectors?
How much is an injector pump to replace , parts+labor???

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