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    Jim Brzozowski Guest


    Who owns a SCAN 2 mentioned in the HElM books?
    What does one cost, are they the best? Can you give a summary of what all can be done with one?

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    mdrag Guest



    The Helm's shop manuals refer to the VETRONIX TECH 2 FLASH when describing diagnostic procedures. It is THE scanner used by dealerships.

    Visit and to get an idea on the price sells a computer program/adapter cable setup that you can use with a laptop to read and clear DTC's. It is much cheaper, but limited in its capabilities.

    You may want to look at the Predator for tuning AND code reading abilities.

    Try a forum and/or web search for 'OBD 2' or 'OBD II' and you will find additional products. Good luck.

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    madmatt Guest


    I own both a Tech 2 and a Snap-On MTG2500. For my work @ the dealer all I ever use is the Tech 2 unless it's another mfg. the tech has major advantages over the snap-on if all your doing is GM. I can use it to reprogram and set up various modules after replacement and run a ton of different tests. It also is used to install updated software. The snap-on however is usefull when serviceing other mfg vechicles and gets me a lot more work @ the shop because only one other tech there has his own scanner. the snap-on is more versatile but expensive to update but the tech 2 is more in depth for GMs and i can update it at work. If I had to pick one to do all my work w/ @ home, I'd go w/ the snap-on just because I can service more makes and not limit what i work on.

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    madmatt Guest


    also running the tech 2 on new vehicles you have to have an additional CanDi module for certain applications. the troublshooter and graphing mode on my snap-on come in handy @ times.

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    Jim Brzozowski Guest


    Hey, thanks. I'm just one of these people who believe you can never know too much about mechanical things even if they are more electronic than mechanical. Don't want to spend my money on something that will be out of date next 2 months. If only someone could offer software for the laptop that could do everything and include updates, then you'd know your investment was going to continue to be a good one. I will continue to search and research.
    Again THANKS.

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    madmatt Guest


    yeah for sure. as if it wasn't enough to drop a few grand of my hard earned cash down for the equipment I also spend about $2k a year in updates for my snap on but i am able to update my tech 2 whenever a update is available for nothing at the shop.

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    I agree with the snap-on suggestion. Its way more versitile for all automobiles and almost indestructable.
    If your really just looking for a GM OBDII scanner +or- other various options, you can find other brands/models much much much cheaper.
    Just do a google search.
    I get 90% of Snap-on tools online, and usually used, (sorry local Snap-on guy) most notibly from e-bay.

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    madmatt Guest


    also I think they both go for about $3k. I can't really remember, it's been a while since i bought mine.

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