Well, the time has come where I must bid aideu to my beloved. I bought this one owner vehicle almost two years ago. The owner was, let's say, less than truthful about its condition, mainly the interior. Nonetheless it has been a rock solid daily driver for me. The motor is strong and I have had zero problems with it while I have had it.

Here is a list of known issues:

1) The passenger side rear axle seal is leaking on the brake drum. Not a huge problem except for jerky stops first thing in the AM or when it has been raining. I am not a great mechanic but from what I understand this is about a one hour job for someone who knows what they are doing.

2) The rear seats have a couple of cuts in them. It is no big deal to me because the only ones that ride in the second seat are my kids in car seats.

3) The bushings on the front doors need to be replaced. They stick just a bit when opening and closing. (Not a big deal for me)

4) There are small things like an ashtray top on the rear door missing, CD player being finicky at times (I use my IPod so that isn't big to me).

Now for the good:


1) Rebuilt tranny a few thousand miles ago done by the most trusted transmission shop around (Clemet Tranmission in Huntersville, TN). Comes with 12mo/12K warranty.

2) All new carpet throughout the entire vehicle with heavy duty remove and wash Catch All Floor Mats (all three rows).

3) New starter and two batteries

4) New crossover and 3in downpipe with open stock exhaust. The kitty got lost in this transfomation so make sure you know your local emissions requirements. I did save it however and if you need it I will throw it in at N/C. If you need advice on hollowing and remounting let me know.

5) New rear door speakers.

6) New PMD at about 105k miles.

7) New Turbo and post exhaust EGT mounted on the A Pillar. I haven't finished the wiring through to the fuse box.

8) I installed SS Goodrich front brake lines with new rotors and pads after first getting it. Also, the driver hub assembly was replaced at the same time.

9) Almost the entire front end got new Moog parts as well. The 4 wheel drive system works great. I have never had it off-road. Only used it twice in snow and ice. Engages and disengages properly.

10) SS diesel supply air intake. Kennedy boost fooler in the glove box but never installed (comes with purchase).

11) New SS Diesel Supply 180 thermostats

I have all service records and parts receipts for work done on and to her.

I bought my wife a Sequoia to replace her Maxima that we outgrew, hence the reason for selling my baby. I plan on driving the Maxima as my daily and use her Sequoia for hunting trips, towing, etc. Speaking of towing, the only thing I towed was small 5x11 single axle trailer with a 350cc four wheeler. I did have the trailer come loose on me and there is a dent and a few scratches on the rear barm style doors. I have been meaning to get it to the bodyshop but Spring is my busy time of year and I havent had the opportunity to get it there.

I have poured by heart, sweat and at times, blood into this vehicle (the knuckles are still healing). I have religiously changed the oil with Rotella 15W-40 at least every three thousand miles and use a Mobil 1 oil filter with each change. I run Stanadyne additive every fill up as well as a few ounces of two stroke motor oil.

Please feel free to call my cell with any questions 731-394-0028 or email at chadbanks1@charter.net. I would really like to sell it to another DP enthusiast who knows and respects and loves these vehicles like I do. I can email more pics of the truck if you will let me know specifically what you need. I will post a pic of the barn door dents on My Gargage this weekend.

We have made several long distance trips (300+ miles) with the family and have total confidence in this truck.