The DieselPage strives to encourage advancing technology and entrepreneurial ventures, however, in order to maintain a fair environment with respect to our paying advertisers, we must limit potentially commercial postings in the forums.

There are, however, other ways we can help promote our members' innovative efforts. When you are ready, we can display your product in the "New Products" page on the DieselPage for several months at no cost, see this link We have done this in the past for other members who have developed products in support of the GM Diesel community as a way to help new vendors break into the market when they don't know if there's enough of a market to support advertising.

Feel free to use the forums as a discussion about the development of a product, its features, beta testing results, etc. but please refrain from offering anything for sale or directing readers to an offer to sell through the forums.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding,

The DieselPage