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Thread: Having Trouble Staying Logged in?

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    Default Having Trouble Staying Logged in?

    Started a week or so ago - I may have cleaned out some cookies, assuming they would be restored the next time around - but the "Remember ME" option sure t'ain't working right now. Minor Annoyance.
    OOps sold my "baby" - 96 K-2500 6.5TD - ~047,068mi, Isspro's Boost, Pyro, and Tranny temp; Heath Plate Remote mounted FSD; Amsoil Fluids and Air; Bilsteins, BD Down Pipe-Gutted CAT-& B-D'ized 3.5 Kennedy exhaust; '97 cooling upgrade; CAD upgrade; new IP at 34,700 under warranty; Homemade: Boost fooler, Hi/Lo idle, OPS relay, TCC Lockup ( TFT), Glow extender for AC60's, & "GMC H..'s" 6 position Shift modifier .

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    If you use the correct URL and have cookies enabled (Normal security setting should be OK), there should be no problem. The correct URL is . If you still have an issue after confirming the above, please contact me by email or PM.
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    Clip from Microsoft Internet Explorer help:

    To customize your privacy settings for an individual Web site
    1. In Internet Explorer, on the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
    2. Click the Privacy tab, and then click Sites.
    3. In Address of Web site, type the complete address of the Web site for which you want to specify custom settings. For example,
    4. To specify that you want Internet Explorer to always allow cookies from the specified Web site to be saved on your computer, click Allow, which we recommend for this bulletin board. On the other hand, to specify that you want Internet Explorer to never allow cookies from the specified Web site to be saved on your computer, click Block. Blocking cookies from this board will limit your experience here.
    • You can view a list of Web sites for which you have specified custom settings in the Managed Web sites list. To remove a Web site from this list, and delete its custom privacy settings, click Remove. When you remove a Web site from the Managed Web sites list, your privacy settings for all Web sites without custom settings will apply to that Web site.
    • Some Web sites require cookies; therefore, if you select a setting that does not allow cookies to be saved on your computer, you might not be able to view certain Web sites.
    • When you change your privacy settings, the changes might not affect cookies that are already on your computer. If you want to ensure that all of the cookies on your computer meet your privacy settings, you should delete all of the existing cookies on your computer. When you return to Web sites that previously had saved cookies on your computer, the Web sites that meet your privacy settings will save cookies on your computer again. The Web sites that do not meet your privacy settings will not be allowed to save cookies on your computer, and might not function properly.
    Third-party Internet security software:

    Third-party Internet security software (such as Norton) can also interfere with your web browsing experience here in's bulletin board. You may need to change the security settings for those software packages as well. Third-party security software usually leans toward "more secure" when first installed on your computer, which can prevent you from staying logged in (not allowing cookies) or interfere with your ability to take full advantage of all that The Diesel Page Forums have to offer. Dealing with third-party software is your responsibility, but the board members may be able to help.

    Private Networks:

    A private network, like those found at larger corporations or educational institutions, may be using a firewall that blocks cookies or may otherwise interfere with your ability to interact with a bulletin board. If you are operating from within a corporate network and can't login or stay logged in, this may explain it.

    General info about Cookies:'s bulletin board uses browser cookies to facilitate your experience. These cookies are small segments of code that our web server sends to your Internet browser, which it can then store on your PC's hard drive. If your browser is set to accept these cookies, they enable the board to recognize you and keep you logged in - and won't require you to re-enter your login codes at your next visit - for a period of one year. These cookies do not collect, store or maintain your private, or personally identifiable information. Accessing all areas of our bulletin board forum and staying logged-in when moving around within the bulletin board require the use of cookies. We use vBulletin board software, which is one of the most popular software packages currently in use. Regarding cookies and login requirements, access to and use of this board are no different than any other VB board.

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