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Thread: Heads up for California Diesel owners

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    Quote Originally Posted by DmaxMaverick View Post
    Hopefully, CARB will be dissolved, reverting to Federal standards. One can only hope.
    This thread is a little dated, but....

    CARB certification is a significant tax revenue stream for CA. In my opinion, that's why it currently exists. It's not just performance products that must be certified, but all new vehicles as well.

    CA has it's own new vehicle emissions rules - for a reason. It generates (for the state) something on the order of $1M per vehicle platform before a vehicle manufacturer can sell that vehicle in CA.

    Some of what CA has done was necessary. I remember the terrible LA smog of the 1970-1990s - as just one example. But, it's now more about revenue and social engineering than it is about solving a problem, in my opinion.

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    Default Taxes?

    I took a short trip up to Oregon on Monday. I found out how they plan on balancing the budget. On the way home during daylight hours, I saw no less than 15-20 cops hidden on the side of the interstate 5 south pointing radar guns as everyone passed. There were stretches where you'd see 2-3 cars getting tickets in a mile.

    In all my years, I've never seen so many cops and so many radar guns in my life. At times it was frightening to find guns being pointed at me.

    No tickets for me. Just cruising along at 1500-1600 RPMs.

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