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Thread: Best Duramax, Swap 6.2 for 6.5 - May Updates

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    Arrow Best Duramax, Swap 6.2 for 6.5 - May Updates

    Replacing a 6.5L Diesel with a 6.2L Diesel
    What's Involved?
    It's entirely possible to replace an ailing 6.5 with a good running 6.2, but there are a few "need to know" details that will make the swap easier and perform more reliably. The 6.2 and 6.5 share the very same basic architecture and accessory mount requirements. This means that, other than a few details discussed here, you will be able to replace any model year 6.5 with any model year 6.2. The military application for these engines have created opportunities to acquire a replacement engine without spending a lot of money, which has increased the interest level in swapping a 6.2 in place of a 6.5. Let's show you how it's done. Now available to subscribers in the Member's Area.

    What's The Best Year Duramax?
    Model Year Comparison
    We get questions nearly every day from used truck shoppers asking what year Duramax is best. With the new 2011 model year arriving in mid-2010, we now have five different generations of the engine and two generations of the Allison automatic to consider. Which model year is the best buy? Which truck is most reliable, and what sort of problems have these trucks had? Which engine/transmission combination is most reliable, and which produces the best fuel economy? And finally, which model-year offers the most power? Compare them all right here. Now available to subscribers in the Member's Area.

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    Great article! I've got 2 6.2's on the floor and have been casually looking for a blown engine truck to drop them in, including 6.5 trucks. Perfect information for doing that.

    Mark Chapman DP member #653;
    1983 K2500 6.2 Suburban, 4" lift, 35" tires, ATS turbo, Banks exhaust/intake, pyrometer, tachometer;
    1986 K5 6.2 Blazer, 2" lift, 33" tires, Banks intake, pyrometer, tachometer
    1963 wife, one owner, average mileage for the age but in excellent shape, a keeper
    1992 daughter, low mileage, pretty, limited edition, but requires some money to maintain
    1995 son, sports model, very fast & peppy, time will tell on durability and maintenance costs

    "Grease is good"

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