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Thread: Died after start, Won't re-start

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    Default Died after start, Won't re-start

    I have a 03 GMC 2500HD Duramax. Just jumped in it first time today. Truck started just fine. Put truck in reverse to back up went about 15 feet and it missed and died. Will not re-start. Did scan and I got a P0380 code. Also a P0404, not sure if this is related. Up to this point truck has been running just fine. Just returned yesterday from a 1500-mile trip, all was good.
    Do you have any ideas?

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    Simple things first.

    Try pumping the fuel primer pump until very hard (may take several tens of pumps, it's located on top of the filter assy). Start. Change fuel filter at your soonest convenience. If you just changed it, R/R it again, making sure the O-rings, water drain, internal nipple grommet, and bleeder screw are all where they are supposed to be and in tact and/or tight.

    Neither of the codes you found will prevent a start in most cases, and never during warm weather.

    P0380 - Glow plug or intake heater circuit issue. Probably one or more failed glow plugs.

    P0404 - EGR circuit range/performance. Not uncommon on CA smog trucks (seems your is). Performance enhancements (like any "chip") will cause this, eventually.
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    Default died after start, won't restart

    I agree w/ DMAXMAVERICK.
    That happened to me because I failed to change the fuel filter for three oil changes (bad boy). Changed the filter and it fired right up. Drove off without further incident.

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