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Thread: duramax truck pulls

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    Default duramax truck pulls

    I am reading the latest diesel magazine and the truck puills in Kentucky show almost all Dodges in the top 5 truck pull wins.

    Does the Duramax not produce enough power to beat these dodges or is it just a matter of they throw the most money at their trucks?

    I think mine has a lot of power so i can't imagine a truck with twice the power!
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    A lot depends on the local area, class rules, etc. I was to the TS pull last spring and had no desire to return again this year. There are numerous different clubs and classes around and the battle of Dmax versus Cummins is common. It can go both ways. In most areas the Dmax has been very strong.

    After being in KY for that event it was obvious that everybody had a Dodge Cummins so the numbers were in favor for sure. There were some nice ones and a lot of ratty old 12valve trucks. If it blew a large enough plume of smoke to choke bikers and pedestrians it was a cool ride...
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