Been having an intermittent problem with the dash cluster for a month or so. Well - maybe - the dash cluster. ???? The story is like this: I had the dash cluster replaced last June, NOT under warantee. So, the 12 - 12 is still good for a while.
Now, the dang dash was making a clicking, scratching sound, one morning a month or so ago, even before I inserted the key. The frequency is about 2X/second, and it's not very loud. At the same time, the gauges were jumping just a little bit with each rep. Started the engine and the gauges went a little crazy for a few seconds and then settled down to normal - gauge/indicator lights, too. Since then, this same scenario has occured off and on a few times, but, starting yesterday, I can't get normal operation back.
This afternoon, I got in and checked for the ticking before I inserted the key. No problem. So I inserted the key, and the cycling started up again. Started the engine, and the gauges went a little wonky for a couple seconds and then went down to zero, all around and stayed that way, except that they jumped just a little, off zero; the speedo, tach jumping more than the smaller needles, because they're bigger. Drove about 6 miles each way, and the gauges all went to normal, once, on the way out, for just a few seconds. Meanwhile, that pesky ticking/growling/scratching, (whatever), sound, keeps right on, just loud enough to be audible. Know what? It seems to me to be the same sound that the dash makes when you turn on the switch and the dash goes through it's regular routine, just before start-up.
So, it makes me wonder if it is the switch, this time, since I can get it to start this little dance by just inserting the key.
I called the dealer, back home, who did the dash, just to find out where I was, time and mileage wise, since I didn't see fit to record the replacement in my fule/oil log. He agreed with my thoughts on the subject, but, of course can't help me much from 2500 miles away. I intended to stop in Del Rio, on my way to OR., but I don't think I want to wait that long, now, with the thing acting up all the time. I'll wait for some advise from the DP guys and gals.
Any chance that I could maybe find a loose connection around the switch if I took off the cladding and looked around. Whatch-y'all think?
Man, I hate electronics! Even this dang compuker. Wouldn't surprise me any, if this thing went up in smoke for making a simple typo on it.