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Thread: Desperately Wanting Duramax/Allison 1500

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    Default Desperately Wanting Duramax/Allison 1500

    As the title says I desperately would like a Duramax/Allison 1500 truck, for many reasons. I looked seriously at the Duramax/Allison Conversion done by More Power and others, but alas, the EPA Gestapo has blocked me again!

    Federal EPA regulation apply to all 50 states, but they are only a problem in states that have vehicle inspections. Also, if your state chooses to not apply the regs, then you are free again. But for how long!? Unfortunately, for me, my state does vehicle inspections and I would be cited for tampering and have to park the truck!

    EPA Regulations on engine switching:
    1) For light-duty vehicles (trucks < 8500 lbs. GVWR (e.g., 1500)), installation of a light-duty engine into a different light-duty vehicle would be considered tampering unless the resulting vehicle is identical (with regard to all emission related parts, engine design parameters, and engine calibrations) to a certified configuration of the same or newer model year as the vehicle chassis.
    Conclusion: Seems that a Duramax/Allison into a 1988-98 would be acceptable since that chassis was specified with a 6.2/6.5 diesel. However, it will not becasue of 2) below.
    2) Under no circumstances, however, may a heavy-duty (trucks > 8500 lbs. GVWR (e.g., 2500/3500)) engine ever be installed into a light-duty vehicle (trucks < 8500 lbs. GVWR (e.g., 1500)).
    Conclusion: I cannot put the Duramax/Allison from a 2500/3500 heavy-duty truck (GVWR > 8500 lbs.) into a 1500 light-dury truck (GVWR < 8500 lbs.), it would be considered "tampering".

    Purchase a good 2001-2004 LB7 Duramax/Allison truck and a salvage GMT800 1500 chassis and running gear. Transfer the Duramas/Allison, Cab, and truck bed to the 1500 chassis and running gear. This should give me my Duramax/Allison 1500 truck with a weight saving of about 2000 lbs. and possibly 25 mpg on the highway! I realize I would have to abide by the 1500 load and towing restrictions for safety, but that is not a problem for me. To me, this seems less complicated and, possibly, less expensive than the Duramax Diesel Conversion.

    More Power, I am not trying to rain on the Duramax Diesel Coversion parade. For those who are interested and can do it, I say go for it! I wanted to, but I cannot because of the EPA Regs!

    Comments, suggestions, advice!?

    1) I would have to transfer the fuel tank and lines from the Duramas/Allison chassis to the 1500 chassis.

    1) Would I have to fabricate motor mounts for the 1500?
    2) Would the Duramax/Allison, cab and bed transfer without problems?
    3) What other problems might I have?
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    You may want to have a closer look at the regs. CA, as everyone knows, has some of the strictest emission regs of any state. Swapping engines here is simple, as long as you don't get outside the regs. To start with, the regs you quoted are, in part, almost exactly as ours. However, it only applies to fuel types or methods of propulsion (MP) originally available to a specific vehicle. Once the fuel type or MP is changed, the vehicle only has to comply IF that vehicle was not originally equipped, or available to be equipped, with that fuel type or MP. For example, you can buy a gasser, convert it to propane, and become exempt. The same applies if you convert a vehicle to electric (as long as that was not an OEM option). So, if I convert a 2001 gasser 1500 to Diesel (any Diesel), it is then exempt. This is done frequently, here.
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