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    I have a 2014 GMC 3500 HD. It has the Snow plow prep package with the light switch instead of the garage door switches in the overhead panel. I have three questions about this.

    How does the light switch in the overhead panel get hooked up to a light?

    Can the light switch be unplugged and have the garage door switches rehooked up (if I can find the numbers for the switches)?

    How can you get rear fog lights hooked with this package?

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    The switch for the rotator/strobe? The wire harness for the light is in the headliner. The light installer will have to figure that out. Not all lights are the same, and some don't install "permanent" (external harness for magnetic or suction mounts).

    The switch can be swapped out for the door opener. You'll need the panel, and the opener gizmo. Power and connector is already there in the existing harness.

    Rear lighting should be simple. There's more than enough leads available in the trailer harness, which are accessible under the dash. Lighting and brake controller are integrated, but there are a couple "dead" leads at the rear bumper connector that are available. You'll need to consult a diagram to identify them.
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