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Thread: 6 blown turbos 84,000 miles

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    Default 6 blown turbos 84,000 miles

    We seem to blow a turbo every year. Now we have a cracked crank destroyed inner bearing and block damage along with the minor note of metal fragments in the turbo according to the mechanic. A complete loss on a 2008 3500 duramax dually. Less than a month after the 5 year power train warranty had expired. Any suggestions why this happen. the vehichle was maintained by the dealer and had all the periodic service work done to it? It does pull a trailer at the top of its weight rating

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    Total bad luck.
    Some have had luck in getting partial coverage if you have a long history of repairs by a dealer.
    Real bummer i don't imagine the repair bill will be small.
    Maybe try to buy a totaled truck for a donor engine.
    Good luck Thomas
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    Welcome to the Forums, Pat!

    Less than a month out of warranty? Keep in mind, all the time the truck spent in for service for warranty work is deducted from the warranty period. You may still be under warranty.

    With that in mind, have the dealer entertain the idea that the root problem has been misdiagnosised all along. If that's the case, they own it. Your history is unique, and should have been addressed properly much earlier on. Turbo failures do happen, but they are almost unheard of. So rare, it's not an issue we often (ever) discuss. A broken crank is even less common. Something else is at work here, and it's on them to find it. Insist on it, and get your area representative involved.
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