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Thread: '99 K2500 6.5, Sudden strange noise near Turbo

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    A few days ago, I started my 99 K2500 Suburban 6.5 TD (103,000 carefully maintained miles) and felt a peculiar "vibration" and a noise that I've never heard before. I opened hood, noise seemed to be worse near the Turbo. When I shut the truck off, it makes a metallic "clanking" noise ( I thought, Great, the turbo AND my crankshaft).
    After getting it straight home, a friend noticed that the Harmonic balancer Pulley was loose (you could move the serpentine belt an inch or so either way).
    Would the Harmonic Balancer make such an awful "Clunk" when the truck is shut down, and would the noise (almost sounds like rough bearings) travel as far as the Turbo Area?

    Vernon Sutton
    Pensacola, Florida

    BTW... Yes, I have purchased a new Harmonic Balancer and Oil Seal. I guess that'll be my weekend project!

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    turbovair Guest


    Replace the crank pulley ASAP!!Its bolted to the balancer via 4, 15 MM bolts. On mine the rubber portion tore and the outer and inner metal portions clanked together rather obnoxiously.Get under the truck, look carefully and you can see it.

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    Ditto turbovair's reply. Your crank pulley is shot.

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    just replaced mine a while does sound like you lost an engine when these go bad...easy fix and $70 at wanted over $200
    95 burb, all the usual and a huge liquid intercooler system<br />51 harley panhead stroked & loud

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    When a diesel engine stops it stops now.
    w/balancer loose it will continue to move after crank stops, hense the noise.
    The Dodge boys trucks will screech their belts when they shut down.
    Following previous posts is recomended highly.

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