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    Hi guy's im new to the diesel world so might sond like a greenhorn but need help im going to buy a 2016 GMC 2500hd Denali and im going to put a small lift on it with 44" Tires ok so a big lift lol but anyway its going to be a every day driver and a recovery truck for my jeeps but anyway again to make this short I need to know if thers a shop anyone knows of that build strong diesel engines im looking to get 800hp to 1000hp out of it so if u know a good shop that can do it id appreciate it I will buy a new truck and ship anywhere to get work done

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    To do it right and make 800-1000 HP will cost in excess of $40k IF it is even possible.

    I'm sure there are shops out there that will take your money, and some may even put the power in without the internals, but as these vehicles get newer and newer they get more and more difficult to modify.

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    I agree... It won't be cheap, your current engine may need to be torn done completely to accommodate those performance parts. Also, installing super charger and turbo could help a lot to achieve those numbers.

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    Before modifying a brand new truck, I wish people would visit a diesel performance shop and drive one of their trucks that was modified to make 800+ horsepower. Then, you could decide whether the drive-ability of a performance oriented truck is acceptable for how you intend to drive the truck most of the time.

    A 1000+ hp truck won't be a good daily driver, in my opinion. It can't pass any state's emissions test, there is no powertrain warranty, and the abrupt transmission shifting and unruly power delivery reduce its user friendliness around town.

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