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    In the last week I've been making slow progress.

    I got the diesel tank in. I was able to do this using the existing rear hanger mount from the 1/2 ton to hang the new tank.
    The front hanger for the tank will work, but not in its original location. It has been unbolter from the frame and today or tomorrow I will drill holes and remount it where I'd like.
    In the pictures the cab is still sitting on 4x4 blocks. I don't plan in doing a body lift, so the next best option to make the tank fit imo is to cut the cab and reweld it to fit.
    The tank is very similar in size and shape but the difference is large enough to require this or significant beating of the cab.
    Fuel lines are run, but one will need to be repaired or replaced because it was cut about 3 inches down instead of being removed from the engine correctly.
    The cooler (I believe it is a fuel cooler) will fit fairly easy in-line mounted inside the frame just as it was in the duramax.

    I got the proportioning valve and all brake lines mounted to the half ton frame.
    I will need some sort of adapter to go from the new brake lines to the old brakes on the front of the truck.
    For the rear, they are hooked up, but I need an extension for adequate flex length.

    The body Control harness is run from the front to back, this includes the plugs for the fuel tank and also the two electrical plugs for the brake proportioning valve.

    The engine and transmission are currently out of the truck hopefully for the last time.
    Engine mounts should be built this week.. Waiting for a buddy to get some time off.
    I'm going to run the engine harness and make sure I can locate all plugs today.
    I may be wrong but I'm thinking if I can get the harness hooked up and strung across the engine for the most part, I should be able to get the engine back in fairly easily and work on Installng the ECM and TCM and fuse box with all the wiring pretty much where I need it already.

    I guess I'll see how well that works. Lol

    I should have the new dash in 2-ish weeks. This will come withe the bcm and it's from a 1999 so I'm thinking it should be much easier to work with than my 1994 dash.

    Im looking for a (affordable) 2003 allison, if you know of one, please DM!
    I have a core charge, and this truck will be a track truck (along with the race car) so if advertising or sponsorship could be worked into a deal I'd be good with that also! Lol

    I'm going to go out here and pull this dash out now.
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