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    Default Detroit 638

    Going down the road about 70 blew oil line in seconds light came on changed oil line filled oil start has no power no oil light engine is loud not a loud knock

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    (Much) more information would be helpful. Such as what, exactly, does the noise sound like, when it occurs (idle, load, compression, cranking), current oil pressure (compared to previous), and exhaust smoke condition (compared to previous). You may have dodged a bullet and the problem is a failed turbo (if it has one), or it may be more serious. I suggest checking the turbo first (disconnect the plumbing and run it N/A). If it doesn't have a turbo, more serious internal engine damage is likely.

    If you don't already know, the 638 is an Italian VM engine with DD badged valve covers. If you need more info, look to VM guides specific to your engine. There were many different configurations, depending on the original application and production year.
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