24,000+ miles and couldn't be happier.
Towing a Chalet hard top pop up camper.
Weighs about 2,000 lbs empty.
Add another 800 lbs. in bed of the truck plus two of us.
From Florida to Martinsburg West Virginia via Route 95 to Route 26 to 77 to Route 81 we averaged 25 mpg. I always tow in Tow haul mode. The exhaust brake works great.
I know that our trailer wasn't really all that heavy but it pulls like a freight train.
On the return trip same route we averaged 23,6 mpg.
Had about 3 hours total delays for wrecks and construction on the whole trip.
We were running the speed limits all the way whenever traffic allowed.
I still can't believe what good mpg this truck gets.
Pulled all of the mountains in 6th gear lock up. Only on one grade did it unlock the torque converter.
The biggest load I have towed was a car trailer with a pickup truck on it for a friend. It pulled it almost like it wasn't there except for starting from a dead stop. Even then I was surprised how well it pulled.
I would say that it tows as good as our 2016 Silverado High Country did. And it had a 5.3 with the 8 speed in it.
Just can't understand where this little truck gets all of it's oomph !
Love it.