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    Default 6.2 swap

    Thanks for the add, I've been watch the forum for a long time and it has answered a lot of questions. I had a 82 Silverado with 6.2 that broke the crank about 10 yrs ago and 500,000+ miles. I rebuilt it and put another 100,000 on it sold it cause it was getting cancer bad. Bought a 90 3500 dually that originally had big block, it was removed (before I got it) and 350 put in the man passed away and his kids didn't want to finish it, I got it cheap. Finished bolting it up, but it's a gutless wonder I drove it for 5 years and cam went bad. I'm in the process of putting 6.2 diesel in it. The engine came out of a 87 utility truck after I got it home and run the numbers it's a 84 c code, getting a little long winded here I'll post more later.

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    Welcome to TDP!
    Keep us up on your adventure with the Dually
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