I'm about to buy Garmin 66W dash cam. If I do, I probably will want to install the parking wiring kit that allows for some form of (presumably very low power) motion detection, which will start recording when the vehicle is not running.

The installation kit that Garmin provides requires access to both constant power and non-powered (when the key is off) circuits. After watching my share of YouTube videos and reading numerous Google entries, I think I have the process firmly in mind.

What I would like to know is: 1)if anyone here has installed this type of wiring on their late model Silverado; 2) any tips you want to pass on; and 3) which fuses did you tap into for the powered and non-powered circuits.

Also, does there exist a nice crisp chart somewhere that tells you with more detail what each of the coded entries on the back of the fuse compartment cover panel actually stand for? As a matter of principle, it just seems like it would be useful to have something like that readily in hand, rather than guessing on the meaning of some of the obscure initials.