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Thread: 2000 Chevy 6.5 turbo diesel lose of power and stalling

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    Default 2000 Chevy 6.5 turbo diesel lose of power and stalling

    Truck runs like a champ first 5 to 10 mins then gas pedal drops out, no power, if you try to give more fuel it stalls. You have to wait a few minutes to restart or it just cranks. If you do wait it will restart and run for another few minutes and the same thing all over again. Will stall out sometimes without trying to give more fuel. Truck has new fuel tank, pump, fuel lines, fuel filter, and new PMD. Pulling my hair out trying figure why since I have not been able to find anyone that can give any kind of answer. Including my mechanic.

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    Welcome to TDP

    Is the lift pump running when the engine is running ????

    Get the truck running and then crack open the water drain at the front of the engine by the T stat housing.

    Fuel should run out the hose.....and the engine should not die.

    Check the lift pump output with the engine off.

    This situation sounds like fuel starvation.....

    Check all the tubes/hoses from the tank to the engine.

    Make sure there are no KINKS or obstructions....

    Another check....put a piece of clear plastic tubing in the return line from the Injection pump or return line to the tank up by the rear of the engine and watch for streams of air bubbles....

    Air is trouble.....if you see air going through the cause needs to be fixed.

    Another possible.

    Remove the filler cap and see if the problem resolves....try driving the truck...
    If the tank can't get air in the fuel can't get pumped out....

    Keep us in the loop.

    Good luck.
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    With the list of parts changed...
    was the sock on the pickup in the tank changed?
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    Injection pump would be my guess.

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