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Thread: 92-93 Injector differences?

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    Default 92-93 Injector differences?

    Hey everyone,

    I'm looking to get a new set of injectors as I can't find any reliable sources for nozzles and other components lately. I know there have been quite a few threads on 6.2 injector differences over the years, but I'm having a hard time finding info on the later 6.2 injectors (92-93 specifically). When I bring up an 83-91 MY in the GM parts manual, the number listed is 14063606. When I go to RockAuto with said part number, or build my vehicle year-make-model accordingly, the only ACDelco options that come up are either the cheaper-made "Professional" series which is a whopping $105 A PIECE, or the ACDelco reman which is better at $57, but still a reman.

    Now normally I wouldn't be opposed to a reman, but when I search for the 92-93 6.2, the part number changes to 12458121, and the options on RockAuto get much better. I can get BRAND NEW ACDelco "OEM grade" or Bosch for about $50 a piece. Shopping around at other sites, the earlier long-body injectors seem to be more expensive in general. What gives? Thread pitch and length aside, (I'm assuming these later two years were the short body, fine thread) is there any difference in pop pressure or spray pattern for these later injectors? Looking at the parts manual, it shows they were used with the same DB2 pump... so theoretically they should work in the earlier engines, right? It also seems they used this same part number in the early mechanically-injected N/A 6.5 engines. I'm not really worried about fitment, as I have fine thread heads and could tweak the lines a bit if need be. I just don't want to install something that will cause any damage to the new engine, or any unnecessary strain on the pump.

    Thanks in advance,


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    The only course thread pitch relevance is regarding the 1982 models. Everything later is fine thread. The length and angle of 6.2L injectors is only relevant to application. Van, Chassis (Workhorse), and HMMWV are different, but less common compared to truck and SUV applications. Pop pressures for all 6.2L and N/A 6.5L are the same. Stay with OEM applications, regardless of brand, and it should be correct. Stay away from "High Pop", "Marine", or anything "high performance" or claims of more HP. Most reman's are fine, if from a reputable supplier. If you haven't yet, check out . If you have application or fitment questions, contact them.
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