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Thread: Looking For 3:21's

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    Default Looking For 3:21's

    I'm looking for set of good used 3:21's for a 14 bolt full floater
    i would like some well seasoned oem gears, preferably with the pinion bearing on the yoke,.

    Thanks all.
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    Check out ebay....a few sets of 3.21 ratio offered.

    New would be are going to need to set up the gears anyway.....
    Both the pinion depth and the carrier side to side are going to need to be adjusted for your housing no matter if new or used.

    If it were me I would use the old bearings to get the shim setup correct and once the pattern is where it needs to be....Yank it apart and swap in the new bearings....adjust the pinion preload to specs and drop the carrier back in.....button it up.

    The shims on your existing parts will be "close" but a shim kit will likely be needed to adjust things to where they need to be.

    Every housing is machined to within a certain tolerance plus or minus and the shims allow the gear set to be adjusted to where they need to be.

    Now...what gears are in the truck now?????

    If the ratio is not lower than 4.10 you are fine.

    Have you done a setup on a gear set before ????

    This is not a hard job to do.
    Reading the procedure makes it sound a bit much....not really.

    Having access to a case spreader is a plus. (Allows you to open the case just enough side to side to get the carrier in and out without using a big soft hammer.

    Give ebay a look see......

    Good luck
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