Hated to get rid of our 2017 Colorado 2.8 Diesel. Not sad about the upgrade, just the fact of letting go of an awesome little truck that we loved.
But we couldn't pass up a deal from our Chevy Dealer who had taken this GMC in on a trade.
This truck is a low mileage immaculate one owner 2019 Sierra Denali Crew cab 6.2 gas with the 10 speed automatic, standard bed.
It has the Ultimate/ technology package and ultimate towing package.
I didn't know there was also an ultimate towing package until we bought this truck.
We had recently upgraded to a larger 28' foot Travel trailer. Camper weighed about 1,000 lbs more than our previous one and has two axles instead of one and also a large slide out.
We were still under all of our maximum weights for axles,tongue weight and GVCWR with the Colorado, but wanted more room to take extra stuff like bikes and just throw them in the bed. You can't put two full size bikes and additional stuff in a small bed Colorado that has a tool box and have the tailgate shut.
And you have to close the tailgate in order to tow.
Our Colorado pulled the larger camper well and surprisingly didn't struggle at all and also handled the unit well with no sway issues and such.
I was getting 13.4 mpg on the highway towing that new trailer and on back roads traveling 50 mph we could get 15 mpg. Amazing mpg and pulling power, nicknamed it Mighty Mouse. LOL
It even stopped it well, but not as well as the full size GMC.
With this GMC while towing on the highway we get 10.2 mpg average while towing the same trailer and on back roads we have gotten 13 mpg doing 45 or 50 mph but with the 6.2 we have better acceleration and stopping power.
Amazingly the highest trans temp I have seen on the GMC while towing is 172 degrees and that's while working it. Otherwise it stays around 165 degrees. This is way cooler than the Colorado's trans temp while towing, it could get up to 225 degrees when working it.
We didn't get rid of the Colorado because it wasn't capable of the towing, but just wanted more room in the bed and able to take a lot more stuff and weight and not push the margins up to the Max.
The Colorado had 36,500 miles on it when we traded it and never gave us a minutes trouble. It was just an awesome little "Big truck" .
If I had been able to afford to keep it and get this new to us truck, I would have kept the Colorado and used it as our daily driver as it was quieter and road better than our 2019 Equinox and got just about the same mpg. "Go Figure".
Four years of nothing but being happy and having great experiences with the little diesel.
This new to us GMC truck was built in Canada as a Canadian vehicle. It was somehow traded/sold new to a Dealer in Wisconsin.
And then sold new to an elderly Wisconsin couple who drove it to Florida each fall and then back to Wisconsin in the Spring "Snowbirds".
He even kept it in a garage while down here and back up North.
The owners manual was in French. LOL It's a gas engine but has a block heater from the factory as Standard equipment "Canadian vehicle come with them".
Don't guess I'll be needing the block heater here in Central Florida LOL.
Hope everyone is doing well. Wild Bill.