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    Duramax Intake Hoses

    The local dealer mechanic brought to my attention a problem with the intake duct assembly on my 2001 GMC, a problem that could have significantly affected the life of the engine. The rubber portion shown here had been torn during some earlier service visit. Go here to see a permanent and great looking fix.

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    Follow-up... Back in May of this year (2021) I visited the local GM dealership and had their diesel tech (an acquaintance of mine) evaluate of the high-pressure fuel system because the engine had been surging under load. I was in the planning phase of a head gasket replacement project for this truck at the time, and wanted to eliminate the hi-pressure pump and FPR (Fuel Pressure Regulator) as a cause of the surging. These parts would be so much easier to replace while the heads were off. He used his Tech II scan tool to cycle rail pressure while sitting in the parking lot and on a short test drive. The engine and fuel system responded with normal requested/actual rail pressures - up to 23,000-psi, and engine rpm idle speed variance was within GM's specs. No problem with the fuel system...

    Turned out, the torn rubber intake ducting was the cause of the surging. Apparently, as power demand increased, the torn original hose would allow a surge of air to enter the intake, which bypassed the MAF sensor and allowed the engine to surge as a result. The surging has disappeared since installing the fix shown here. Jim
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