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Thread: 2002 2500HD rear axle seal

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    Default 2002 2500HD rear axle seal

    My rear drivers side is leaking. I have watched a few videos on replacing the seal. How do I tell if I need to replace the bearings at the same time?
    I have not done any bearings/chase in over well 20 years and do not have the tools to press the chase out and new in. What size is needed so I know what kits to look at?

    I am finding conflicting sizes for the parts online. Could someone post the correct part numbers?

    2002 GMC Sierra 2500HD 4x4

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    The rear axle has two seals/gaskets, one inside and one outside. Where is it leaking? If inside, it can/will soak the parking brake, requiring a repair of it, as well. The parking brake is a pair of shoes in a drum, inside the rotor (Drum-in-Hat). The axle lube destroys the friction material if not cleaned and dried immediately. If outside, it can leak at the axle shaft flange. This will be evident with the outer hub and outer area of the wheel wet with lube. If it is outer, remove the axle (the 8 bolts on the outer hub), remove all the gasket material and clean with brake cleaner, including the bolt holes (careful to not get it inside the hub), and seal with RTV, with or without a gasket.

    Regarding the conflicting seal sizes, all Duramax Diesels and 8.1L gassers have the 11.5" rear axle, while the 6.0L gassers have the 10.5" (14 bolt) axle. All 3 were available for the 2002 model year. If it's still conflicting, post the brand and part numbers you're looking at and we can confirm.

    Bearing replacement depends on many things. If they appear to have been overheated, or have blemishes, de-plating, or pitting on the race or bearings, they should be replaced. Otherwise, it's a matter of duty, miles and time.
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