Cold Start:

1983 Chevrolet C20, Custom Deluxe 6.2 Detroit Diesel

81,xxx actual miles, last 3 years replaced injection pump, injectors, AC 60g glow plugs, added momentary glow plug switch, TinyTach Diesel Tachometer, EGR delete, vacuum pump delete, new headlights, and added LMC Truck heavy duty headlight harness. New battery and ground cables. Gator trifold tonneau.

Oil changes every May and November (about 1,200 to 1,500 miles) with Kirkland 15W40 and 20% Lucas Oil Stabilizer. Dual fuel tanks.

Coolant flush every year and it comes out clean as the day I put it in.
New front brake pads in September 2021.

B&W receiver hitch.

The original temp and oil pressure gauges don’t work and rather than go fooling around behind the dash to fix gauges that don’t give any real information anyway I installed GlowShift oil pressure, coolant temp, and transmission temp gauges.

Starts up first time, every time. When it’s super cold (-10 degrees or so) I run two 10 second cycles on the glow plugs and it starts right up. See video link above.

There’s no blowby to speak of, but in the cold weather I get some white smoke at start up.
Turns 1,750rpm at 65mph.

On the hottest day sitting in traffic the coolant temp has never risen above 180 degrees. Ever.

What does it need?

Well, obviously it needs some body work and paint.
It could use a new master cylinder.
Needs rear brake shoes, cylinders, and hardware. Drums are good.

The naturally aspirated 6.2 Detroit Diesel sometimes gets a bad rap in the diesel community because it doesn’t have tons of power and torque; it’s comparable to a stock 350 of the time.
But it was designed as a fuel economy engine, and it does that job very, very well. This ¾ ton pickup gets 24mpg on the highway and 18-19mpg in the city.

Happy to answer any questions.

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