I know the writing has been on the wall for a while, but it’s now official. No more support for 6.2 diesel parts from Banks. They’ve discontinued everything. I tried looking everywhere for an air filter (41501) and lower rad hose (94020) and nothing… It’s like all the remaining parts evaporated overnight. They don’t even have any grossly overpriced ones on eBay.
That being said… has anyone found any off the shelf alternatives? I know K&N made the filter. The part number was SP-2260. I called last week and they said the number was still available and even took my card info to place an order. Followed up today and they gave me the runaround - said I have to contact banks directly. As far as the rad hose, it would be nice to have a one piece, but worst case I’m not opposed to splicing a few off the shelf hoses together to get the job done. Has anyone done this?
I can’t be too mad at Banks, I’m sure it didn’t make sense financially to keep making these. Part of me wished they would still make at least the more wear prone “consumable” parts in small batches though. Oh well, nothing lasts forever I suppose.