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Thread: Single Mass Flywheel for 6.2L/6.5L Diesel

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    I've been corresponding with a 6.2L diesel owner over a couple of weeks about the flywheel situation for the manual transmissions. Here is his most recent message, which I thought might help any others who may need these parts.

    Hello, Jim.
    Thought I would follow up with you on the solid mass flywheel on a 6.2 Diesel.
    I finally contacted a vendor who really knows his stuff. Knows about the GM service Bulletins on them etc.

    I talked to Lou at Phoenix Friction in New Jersey. They have a kit for the job with flywheel, clutch, bearing and bolts for $500 including shipping. I will update you on how well it works when the job is finished. Blessings.

    Al Peterson
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    Good luck, I purchased a kit from them a few years ago for a customer, I had his motor here building it and took the flywheel along to have during the crank balancing process... the shop called and said their was a big problem, the flywheel was very very out of balance. I took it home and compared it to the one that came off the motor when I tore everything down... the holes drilled to balance it along with the large chunk cast in the wheel was in the wrong place by 90* .... they are china made and machined and somehow the crank bolt holes were miss located... Lucky I used paypal because they said nothing was wrong and it would be alright.. paypal ended up giving my money back after I sent in pics...
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    Good information!
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    Followup from Al --

    Hi, Jim.
    I realized that I never updated you on the flywheel replacement.

    I had a local shop do the job for me since with my medical issues crawling under vehicles without a lift is no fun at all.

    He also replace the rear main seal. It took a long time for him to get it done but I was not in huge rush. No issues just not a priority for him.

    I got it back and took it for a drive. It seems to me to be smoother than it ever was before when releasing the clutch. It always seemed a bit grabby to me with the dual mass flywheel.

    So,I would recommend this kit from Phoenix Friction. I think all in it cost me about $1400 Canadian.

    Have a great weekend.


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