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Thread: Best way to approach a 6.2L head replacement & general questions

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    Default Best way to approach a 6.2L head replacement & general questions

    I am getting ready to pull my heads on my 6.2L 1989 K2500. I was wondering if someone with experience had developed a "procedure" for performing this process. The engine is still in the truck, I know with a 6.5L there is a few more things going on - so removing the heads requires removing accessories. What is the best way to tackle a 6.2L head replacement?

    I have some 6.5L spare heads I am hoping to install on my car. Originally I purchased a head gasket for 6.2L heads, should I install a 6.5L head gasket? (I assume 6.5L head gaskets are different just based on the difference of NA vs TC).

    I plan to use some new studs for the install, not ARP brand. I have purchased 8 new glow plugs.

    The person I bought my 6.5L heads suggested I hone the cylinders with the pistons installed and just rotate the engine manually for each cylinder. Has anyone else ever done this? I have mixed feelings about doing, as the process leaves behind debris that has to be cleaned out. I would think it would be difficult to clean the cylinder sufficiently with the engine assembled.

    I am a little short on time but need my truck running. Like most working people I only have the weekends to get everything done.

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    First off, I would recommend purchasing this guide:

    It has step by step instructions on head replacement, among other repairs, and is very valuable.

    Yes, purchase the FelPro 6.5L head gaskets. They are the latest design and work best on all applications, including 6.2L versions.

    Did you purchase head bolts or studs? The factory style head bolts are TTY (Torque To Yield) and cannot be reused. Studs are popular, but require finnicky install procedures to keep them from leaking coolant. If this simply a stock engine with no huge power upgrades, I would recommend going back with factory style bolts instead of studs.

    I would not hone the cylinders. There is no need to unless you install new piston rings. Like you said, that would just be introducing more contaminants into the engine.

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    The heads are heavy...
    I got some pipe that fit the saddles for the rocker arms and drilled holes to match,then used those bolted on as handles.
    He need to be careful installing then heads,so i had them supported of a lift and slowly lowered them in place carefully to not disturb the gaskets
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