I am getting ready to pull my heads on my 6.2L 1989 K2500. I was wondering if someone with experience had developed a "procedure" for performing this process. The engine is still in the truck, I know with a 6.5L there is a few more things going on - so removing the heads requires removing accessories. What is the best way to tackle a 6.2L head replacement?

I have some 6.5L spare heads I am hoping to install on my car. Originally I purchased a head gasket for 6.2L heads, should I install a 6.5L head gasket? (I assume 6.5L head gaskets are different just based on the difference of NA vs TC).

I plan to use some new studs for the install, not ARP brand. I have purchased 8 new glow plugs.

The person I bought my 6.5L heads suggested I hone the cylinders with the pistons installed and just rotate the engine manually for each cylinder. Has anyone else ever done this? I have mixed feelings about doing, as the process leaves behind debris that has to be cleaned out. I would think it would be difficult to clean the cylinder sufficiently with the engine assembled.

I am a little short on time but need my truck running. Like most working people I only have the weekends to get everything done.