Here’s me question, I have an 2007 new body style 2500 HD with the 5097 wheels, I’ve looked for a newer GM 2500 HD or a 3500 HD With single rear wheels to build a trailer but no luck. So I found a 95 F350 with single rear wheels, both trucks have the 8 x 6.5 bolt pattern. Here is the problem, I do not have the Ford to me shop yet, I have measured but I’m not sure that me Chevy 5097 wheels will go over the Ford hub, or what ever you call the thing that holds the axles in? The Ford measures right at 4.750 could B a few thousands bigger? The hole in the middle of the Chevy 5097, measures 4.625 to 4.750 it maybe a few thou smaller? I do not have the 350 frame and rear end home yet, I do not really want to have to remove one of me wheels to see if it will fit or not!
Does Anyone Know For Sure if the 5097 wheel WILL FIT Over the 350 hub Or Not?

Thanks Carl