I started working on this project in February, i had been collecting parts for a few years.
I bought a stalled conversion project from a friend of mine who worked for me after he retired from his life job as the foreman of Public works of CAFN, Harold Kane. He sadly passed last fall.
He had a 93 Ford with a 7.3 that was a steam engine as he referred to it.It had porous cylinders and after re sleaving it the problems continued.Then he started a Cummins conversion.
I picked up a 94 Superduty frame for the diffs as they were heavier than 1 ton, it is a dually with disc brakes.
Last summer i picked up the truck which was a rust free cab,although nothing fancy and had been used hard for years it was rust free.red crew.jpgfranknframe.jpgnew frame 3.jpgnew frame 1.jpg
At first i was going to just use the diffs on the GM frame, then i decided to stretch the frame to match the wheelbase of the crewcab.