Fuel economy is one of the top 2-3 reasons why most people buy a diesel pickup.

What we want to do here is help determine what people are seeing for non-towing fuel economy in actual on-road use.

Let us know what your truck delivers.... This poll is for owners of the LB7 (2001-early 2004 model Duramax 6600 engines). We are assuming summer blend fuel.

You will need to vote before viewing the poll data. If you don't own an LB7, but would like to see the poll data, you'll need to first vote in the poll using the "Don't Own an LB7" selection for both the local driving and highway driving sections.

Round your fuel economy averages to the nearest whole number. For example a 16.4-mpg would be 16, a 16.8-mpg would be 17.


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