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Old 04-25-2012, 06:37 AM
Randy822 Randy822 is offline
Join Date: Apr 2012
Location: Arkansas
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Default Fuel Sending Unit

My 2002 Duramax Turbo 2500HD fuel gage has been driving me crazy bouncing to empty and back and I ohmed the connection under the fuse box which leads me to believe it may be the sending unit. Can anyone direct me to a site for sending units at a reasonalbe cost?
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Old 04-26-2012, 06:15 AM
DennisG01 DennisG01 is offline
Join Date: Jul 2003
Location: Allentown, PA
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Up at the top of the page there is a heading entitled "advertiser's section". Those are companies that contribute to this site. You might want to check with some of them to see if they have anything or can help you.

As far as GM/OEM, there is a GM dealer that sells online at a discount - it's gm parts direct dot com. But, if it was me, I would check with the supporter's of this site, first.

Another possibility is pmd cable dot com. I know he has something special for the 6.5 - maybe he has something for the 6.6, as well.
1998 K2500 Suburban 6.5L TD 3.73 rear, Ron Schoolcraft 18:1, Kennedy ECM & IC, Timing gears, Splayed main caps, 3.5" Kennedy Exhuast/No Cat, K&N Filter, Boost/Tranny Temp/EGT(Pre Turbo), Ceramic-coated Manifolds, 195 Stat's, 265/75's (VSSB Adjusted) 7,000lbs (on a scale) Remote Mount Oil Filter, Remote Oil Pressure Sensor
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Old 04-26-2012, 10:50 AM
chessy56 chessy56 is offline
Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: South Milwaukee, WI
Posts: 208
Default sending unit

Here's another option: 246.85, free shipping.

You may have to look for your year. My '01 appears to be the same price as many of the other model years.

Are you looking to drop the tank or pull the box??? Haven't decided myself which way is best yet.....
So. Milwaukee, WI
'01 2500HD, LB7, 440K miles
"Stock" engine. Dual fuel filtration system with Kennedy lift pump, BF Goodrich Commercial T/A Traction tires

'17 2500HD, L5P (Happy Birthday/Merry Christmas to me!!! Not excited about loan and insurance costs though...)

"Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and
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Old 07-15-2012, 10:40 PM
PoppaWilley PoppaWilley is offline
Join Date: Jul 2012
Location: Nederland, TX
Posts: 12

I'm interested in the outcome, since mine is messed up as well. I added a billet fuel pickup with larger lines from Kennedy Diesel. When I reassembled the gauge was off, so I opened it back up and cleaned again. My mechanic friend said once you touch them they're ruined. P.S. pulling the box was extremely easy. Remove the 8 bed bolts, 2 T-25 for fuel filler, both brake light plugs, and 3rd brake light if you have one. My brother and I removed mine and its a dually. The process took maybe 20 minutes and it was my first time to remove bed.
2003 Chevy CC LWB Dually 2WD
LB7 Duramax 230k - injectors at 182k
Kennedy dual lift pumps - mega filter kit - 4" exhaust - boost valve
Wish List: EFI Live ECM
new LT265/75R16 Falken Wildpeak A/T (awesome tires!)
2011 Chevy CC LWB Dually LTZ 4x4
bone stock so far...
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Old 02-20-2017, 04:24 PM
spongebob's Avatar
spongebob spongebob is offline
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what happened??
06 1ton 4X4 duramax/6speed WT
Hummer wheels :^)
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