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6.2L/6.5L Diesel - Upgrades & Service Questions Answered Tech forum containing the best technical information about these engines. Please post in the related 6.2L & 6.5L forums. We'll transfer the best topic threads to this forum.

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Old 10-09-2011, 04:41 PM
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Default Useful part numbers of hard to find items

Here are the GM part numbers for some items that may be very useful.
Some parts guys can't seem to find this stuff.

The filter bypass is #25014006

Cooler bypass is #25161285

The plug for the Cooler bypass bore (goes on top and has the little hole) is #14066310
Drive this plug down until it bottoms in the bore so that the filter adapter locating tab will not bottom on the plug

The late squirt nozzles are a #12561141 (small ones)

The little oil pump drive shaft plastic connector that goes at the
pump and keeps the shaft in is a #477249

Cylinder head dowel sleaves (GM calls them dowel pins) #12558081

Rocker arm retainer buttons are a #23500076

The metric bell housing bolts for late blocks uses a #15724226 bolt that has a metric stud top

The new style crank dowel pin that goes in the flex plate end is a
This is a roll pin type and drives into the crank.
This is a needed item when using a Scat crank, as they dont come with anything.

Oil pump drive/vacuum pump gasket
Part #14022649
The major parts houses do not service these
List price is $1 and if you get a shop discount they are 75 cents each
Ebay sellers offering them at $6 each

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